All about Illusion

Have you ever experienced an illusion?


It changes our perception of reality and distorts our senses.

Most people say no. They say that only people who do drugs experience illusions.

Psychedelic culture is all about drugs, people say. It is much more than that. People who know about psychedelics know what illusion truly is and they see that it’s beautiful.

Though it is true that drugs LSD, DMT alters your sense of vision, it trains your brain to believe that reality itself is an illusion. It simply shows you what you imagine. What you imagine becomes reality.

Illusion is nothing but depth perception. Illusions are hard to figure out, they involve a lot of science and a solid understanding how the eyes and brain work together to perceive the world around us.

Most people experience illusions every day. Whenever we imagine or we dream, we are seeing illusions.

Its easy to trick the brain, and its easy for the brain to trick us.

Tell us what do you think an illusion is? 

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